Video Surveillance Equipment – CCTV Security Camera System

The real dilemma of all surveillance video is that not even 1% of it is viewed by human eyes. The cameras are just too many to keep an eye on. Studies show that a person gets tired watching a video on a monitor in just after 18 minutes. Therefore, a video surveillance system must be smart enough to alert the viewer in the control room all by itself. In any facility, tens of cameras and many screens are present in the control room. A viewer cannot possibly identify the screen recording showing the unusual activity taking place. Therefore, the surveillance system must be able to notify the viewer regarding the incident by itself.

Realizing this, SSG Technologies has introduced AI-geared products in the market. AI cameras significantly aid in preventing unusual activity. Moreover, they are able to remember the faces of authorized persons and restrict unauthorized individuals from entering. In case of any unusual activity, the system is able to notify the viewer at once. Thus, the entire security condition of any particular premise is significantly improved.

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